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David Tennant you are a punny motherfucker



okay i know tumblr has done some crazy fundraising in the past, so here’s my situation:

mama cat Sadie and her six baby kittens were rescued by my friend’s coworker from the streets of Seoul. because of his allergies, he couldn’t take them into his apartment so he was feeding them behind the building, but the landlord threatened to take them to a shelter, and because almost all shelters here in Korea are kill shelters, they would have been euthanized after ten days. so rather than let that happen, i took them into my home.

these cute kitties have a second chance at life, but the vet bills for seven cats is a bit more than i can handle alone. i’ve taken them for a basic checkup and gotten them tested for common street viruses (that first bill was 422,000 won, approx. $400), but they still all need vaccinations before they get adopted, and Sadie needs to be spayed. add that to the price of food, kitty litter, and other basic cat supplies that i’ve had to buy and you can see how my bank account is all but empty — i live alone and support myself, and i’m still paying off college loans too. and they’re getting big enough to be vaccinated and adopted soon, since i really can’t have seven full-grown cats in my studio apartment!

so my fundraising goal is $100 per kitty plus $250 for Sadie’s spay surgery, for a total of $950. think these cute kitties can get 950 notes with their pictures? if everyone who reblogs donates just a dollar, we can reach this goal in no time!

i’ll be hugely grateful for any donations at all, and if i’m super lucky and raise more than i need, any extra after care of this cat family will go to the Yangju animal shelter, which is a no-kill shelter a few hours from my home that i’ve volunteered at and takes very good care of its animals.

if you can’t donate, please signal boost with a reblog!

thank you so much!

(also let me know if you know someone looking to adopt a kitten! international adoptions are possible for responsible, caring cat-lovers. thank you!)

tl;dr baby kittens need your support! please donate here. every little bit helps! thank you!

hey guys, there’s been a bit of a snag — when the vet told me 38 per cat for vaccines, what he meant was 38 per cat, per day, which means each of the three visits — this means instead of paying 266 for vaccinations, it will be more like 798. that, plus Sadie’s spay surgery at 250, blood work 55, and original health check 422, i’m looking at over 1,500 in vet bills, and that’s not to mention food and supplies (i had to buy a second litter box today, they’re getting too big to share the same one between all of them now, and they go through food and litter fast. all told, i’m estimating their total cost to me will be around $2,000).

i’m starting several fundraisers here in Korea including a bake sale and selling jello shots at events, but at this point i really can just use all the help i can get. please please please if you can spare a few bucks, please send them to Sadie and her babies. it’s kitten season so even though lots of people are adopting kittens, there are so many available there’s no telling how long i’ll have these ones. i can’t let them go back to the streets or to a shelter where they’ll be euthanized after ten days, but i also can’t do this alone. thank you.

they got their second vaccination yesterday and i still need a lot of help — please donate if you can.

Anonymous asked
I know you've gone through a lot of changes, and your focus may have changed as well, so I'm asking sincerely -- any chance this will go back to a Tennant blog?

i’ve definitely been way busy lately and don’t post as much as i used to, but this is still primarily a tennant blog — the only times i post non-DT stuff here is when i get non-DT asks or if i have something that i really need more people to see (like the post to fundraise for my cats). otherwise i have a personal blog for everything else that i post.

zobey-wan-kanoby asked
One quick question, what can you use instead of milk? Because I'm British and I love my tea :')

uhh actually i’ve never heard of putting milk in tea? i drink tea all the time but it’s just like tea leaves and hot water … i would assume you could use soy, rice, almond, etc. milk instead of cow’s milk though? that’s what i do for everything else, like cereal, baking, etc.

zobey-wan-kanoby asked
Hi. I just read some of your pro vegan posts and have been thinking for a while now to go vegan. I was wondering if you have any tips on how to start. What foods/drinks I can and can't have and any tastey recipes you would recommend

hey! i’d like to direct you to for tips on getting started with veganism, it’s a great resource for food, recipes, alternative clothing, all that good stuff. it’s also super easy to find recipes online, just google “vegan (insert desired dish here)” and someone will have posted a recipe somewhere. personally i make a lot of stir-fries, soups, and pasta dishes but it’s all up to your personal preference.

as for what you can and can’t have, you’ll have to check labels pretty obsessively to make sure there’s no animal products in it but that sort of becomes second nature after a while. watch out for products that say “lactose-free” since this isn’t necessarily dairy-free (you might see something like “milkfat” or “whey” in the ingredients). other common ones to watch out for are casein, gelatin, rennet, lard, tallow, carmine — fancy names for bits of animals. a lot of new vegans also forget about things like mayo and dressings that often have cream, egg, or bacon fat in them. if you’re worried about not knowing something you can google like “list of nonvegan ingredients” to print and bring with you to the grocery store, but that’s really if you’re going to be buying a lot of processed foods — if you’re buying like vegetables, beans, rice, pasta (check for egg in fancier kinds of pasta, basic pasta is just durum wheat), nuts, fruits, obviously that’s all fine.

it takes a little time to adjust but once you’re used to it it’s all easy-peasy, especially if you live in a country where veganism is really starting to spread (like America). let me know if you have any specific questions and good luck!

arminsragingboner asked
You seem to know a great deal on vegan diets and animal products. Can you explain to me how eating eggs can affect humans?

if you’re interested specifically in the affect on humans, i’d like to direct you to this website here. it has tons of informational videos about different foods. this link will take you to search results for “eggs” and you can browse around and learn all kinds of new stuff.

Anonymous asked
Hi, I was thinking about going vegan, but I'm not sure! I'm already a vegetarian, so I'm all for animal rights. I don't have a problem with giving up food, I am just worried about nutrients? I am also a really picky eater. How do I make sure that my body is healthy and getting what it needs?

i always direct new vegans to for tips on getting started, but honestly getting the right nutrients isn’t that difficult — basically substitute your usual dairy/egg intake with legumes and nuts and things like that (soy milk and almond milk are pretty good for you too, if you get the good stuff — rice milk is less nutritious but no less delicious). i generally try to spread out making sure i get in a variety of vegetables, starches, and legumes over a week, so like i might have potatoes and broccli one night and lentil soup the next night and veggie stir-fry with tofu and/or rice the next. but i don’t really make an effort to track it or anything, it’s just kind of like “hey i haven’t had vegetables for two days i’m going to make a giant salad for dinner” (or put zucchini and kale in my ramen). i was pretty picky too, but i’ve tried a lot of new things since going vegan (mostly tofu, which i used to hate and i now live on) so you’ll find things you like. just look up some recipes online and experiment in the kitchen a bit, you’ll get the hang of it in no time :) and feel free to ask if you have any more specific questions, i’ll try to help you if i can!

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