shihoudani answered: i wouldn’t mind, but you should prolly change the name. as long as tennant doesn’t vanish completely <3

yeah i would change it to thedaily___________ (suggestion box open)

and of course there would still be tennant :)

how many people would be super upset if this branched out from being a david tennant blog and became a more general good-looking people blog?

Anonymous asked
just saw a thing you posted ... probably a while ago, someone asking for you to help them decide to be vegan. My question is similar and I was hoping you could help: Ok so a quite a few months ago I went vegan (Yay :) ) but it didn't last long (Due to family $ issues :/ ) so dad told me I was going to eat meats or die and now when ever I eat any of that stuff I tear myself apart inside and I feel like a horrible person what should I do ? (btw if u could tag this @JTL that would b gr8 thx)

yikes, sounds like a tricky situation. to clarify, did your dad say you had to eat meat and die as in if you didn’t eat meat you would starve, or as in if you ate a vegan diet you would die? because the latter would be much easier to deal with as there’s loads of evidence pointing to the health benefits of veganism

as for money issues, that’s tough if you’re relying on someone else to buy your food (like your parents). however, veganism doesn’t have to be expensive — like any other lifestyle, you make of it what you can. mock meats and “vegan version of that thing i like” type of food is usually more expensive, but you can buy grains, beans, nuts, and that sort of thing in bulk for cheap, which is what you’d want to replace meat in your diet with. then you just need a weekly trip to the store for your fruits and veggies, which a lot of meat eaters also eat anyway, though i don’t know your personal situation. prices also vary depending on where you live, what’s in season, and what kinds of food you like (i’m a big fan of tofu and noodles), but i know that in both america and korea i’ve spent much less on groceries than my meat-eating coworkers.

if your parents are against the entire idea of veganism, i would suggest offering to do some of the grocery shopping and/or cook some meals — pick something simple and delicious that you think they would like. it will probably be easier for them to accept your veganism if they don’t have to do any of the work.

my interests have evolved a lot since i first started this blog and i&#8217;m not nearly as active here as i once was, but there&#8217;s still not much that makes me smile like cute pictures of younger DT with his crazy hair

my interests have evolved a lot since i first started this blog and i’m not nearly as active here as i once was, but there’s still not much that makes me smile like cute pictures of younger DT with his crazy hair

words can&#8217;t express my feelings about this outfit

words can’t express my feelings about this outfit


Penny, the runt: one month’s progress, from the streets to my humble home. this little girl is staying with me forever.

if you are able, please donate to support her family

they grow up so fast

Click here to support Help save Saja by Samantha Taschereau


hey, a friend of mine rescued this incredible kitten and she’s having a really rough time of it. it’s a miracle the kitten has survived this long but she’s a real fighter and we think she’ll pull through. however, vet bills are a nightmare and the kitten is in the ICU right now, and my friend really needs help. please reblog if you can’t donate and hopefully some kind people on here will be able to help her out! thank you!

Please please help Saja! He needs an MRI and it’s super expensive, but let’s give this kitty another chance!

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hey so i'm working my way to being vegan and i was wondering what you would suggest for a dairy free coffee creamer?

i actually drink my coffee black so i’m maybe not the best vegan to ask … i know you can get them soy or almond based though. anyone else have a suggestion?

Anonymous asked
Hi. So. I here you're vegan. I'm currently a vegetarian, and am wondering if you think it's okay to only eat free range, organic, eggs (not the store bought kind. The, I've seen these chickens and have been to this farm 20 minutes away kind) and only organic grass-fed milk (the same type as the eggs,) and not eat any others? Like, does it clear up some of the moral stuff? Thanks :)

No, I don’t — I know it seems harmless on the surface, but think of it this way: where did the chickens come from? Are they 50% female and 50% male? Most likely, they’re 95-100% female, because the males were killed (just google “male chicks in the egg industry”). Additionally, chickens are naturally a bit cannibalistic and will usually eat their own eggs — depriving them of them can drain the chicken of essential proteins and nutrients.

Same with milk — if you and other consumers are drinking the milk, what is the baby cow drinking? Cheap substitutes for a few days before it’s slaughtered for veal, most likely. And what happens to the cow when she’s too worn out to be useful anymore? Most likely, slaughter again. No matter how nicely you try to do it, you are still exploiting an animal and using her body for your own gain — a grass-fed organic dairy cow is still being forcibly impregnated, having her baby taken away, and being milked by machines multiple times a day, which causes a huge strain on her body.

So no, I don’t think using animals in either of these cases can ever be a morally okay thing to do.

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